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@Brandon Anderson - Realtor 2018-06-06

Congratulations Tyler! First Time Home Buyer. Thank you Tyler for asking questions and letting me help you along the way. Also, thank you for teaching our future at PWCS. Thank you to Melissa Landon at George Mason and at Advanced Title & Settlements for making this all possible for Tyler.

@Brandon Anderson - Realtor 2018-06-06

It is a huge challenge buying a house without being in the country, but it can be done. Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Glenn on your new home. Received orders to be re-stationed from Japan to Fort Belvior. Thank you for trusting me and Thank You for service. Big shout out to Melissa Landon for getting the financing completed. As usually knocking it out of the park.

@Brandon Anderson - Realtor 2018-05-20

It’s Open House Season. I will be in Mechanicsville Va. today from 1pm-4pm

@Brandon Anderson - Realtor 2018-05-18

The hunt started in December, but it was worth the wait. Closed on this beautiful property this morning. Congratulations to the McClendon Family!!!

@Brandon Anderson - Realtor 2018-04-26

Better to have and not need, than need and not have. #RealtorBam

@Brandon Anderson - Realtor 2018-04-23

Being strategic is key. Don’t start the home buying process without the right tools and strategy. Call or text me if you would like to talk more on this process. 703-969-9316 #RealtorBam #YourRealtor4Life

@Brandon Anderson - Realtor 2018-03-29

Fresh ON the Market. Call me if you would like a private tour. 703-969-9316 or [email protected]

@Brandon Anderson - Realtor 2018-03-14

Now is the time to start getting ready to list your home. Let me know if you are on the fence. Don t let the process scare you, your in good hands. # RealtorBam

@Brandon Anderson - Realtor 2018-03-12

When the carpet is so soft,you and your client just need to lay down.

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