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@Medicrea 2017-06-23

Thank you Spinal News International for sharing the exciting news of #UNiD Hub, a data-driven portal for adaptive spine intelligence. We are continually working with surgeons to make sure you receive the best treatment! Click below to learn more.

@Medicrea 2017-06-09

We are so excited to share our new website with you! Give it a spin and let us know what you think.

@Medicrea 2017-06-02

Dan had surgery multiple times before, but every time he ended up in pain again. After being treated with patient-specific care from #Medicrea, Dan has seen his life improve. Here s to another afternoon at the ballpark Dan! Watch the video below to learn more.

@Medicrea 2017-05-19

We spoke to Today s Medical Developments Magazine about our approach to designing implants to match the specific needs of each patient! Read more below.

@Medicrea 2017-05-04

Paulette struggled with scoliosis, which left her in pain and made her life more difficult. After being treated with patient-specific care at NYU Langone Medical Center, she is more active than ever. Watch below.

@Medicrea 2017-04-28

We spoke to Polymer Solutions about our process of creating spine implants made just for you! Read below.

@Medicrea 2017-04-21

Dr. Burger of CU Orthopedics explains how technology from #Medicrea helps her better understand how to approach the treatment of each patient. Watch below.

@Medicrea 2017-04-13

We spoke to about creating medical devices that have been personalized to fit the needs of each patient. Click below to learn more.

@Medicrea 2017-04-07

Dr. Kleck of CU Orthopedics recently spoke about his use of patient-specific care from #Medicrea. Watch below to learn gotten to the point where we put these rods in and they fit perfectly.

@Medicrea 2017-03-31

We want to thank the patients, surgeons, and hospitals that have been a huge part of the #Medicrea journey. Have a great weekend.

@Medicrea 2017-03-16

We spoke to Forbes about our lifetime warranty and patient-specific approach to spine surgery. Click below to read. Learn More:

@Medicrea 2017-03-10

We spoke to ODT Mag about our mission to make spine surgery more personalized for each patient. Read below.

@Medicrea 2017-03-03

Hear how patients treated at Children s Hospital New Orleans are getting a second chance at a normal life with the help of our personalized care.

@Medicrea 2017-02-24

We spoke to Becker s Spine Review about how we are able to create implants that are made specifically for each patient. Learn more about the #UNiD process below.

@Medicrea 2017-02-17

After being treated with patient-specific care from #Medicrea, Valerie is now able to return to all the activities she loves like boating and camping. Watch her story below.

@Medicrea 2017-02-10

Hear the story of a brave teenager who was able to return to sports after being treated with patient-specific care from #Medicrea at Children s Hospital New Orleans.

@Medicrea 2017-02-03

Dr. Burger of CU Orthopedics shares her thoughts on patient-specific care from #Medicrea and how it helps her better fix the individual needs of each patient.

@Medicrea 2017-01-27

orthospinenews took a closer look at #UNiD, which is reinventing how surgeons approach each operation and providing patients with personalized rods. Read more below.

@Medicrea 2017-01-20

After ignoring her pain for years, Valerie had surgery at CU Orthopedics and has seen her life improve thanks to patient-specific care from #Medicrea. Watch below.

@Medicrea 2017-01-13

Dr. Kleck of CU Orthopedics explains how personalized technology from #Medicrea helps him improve the correction he provides patients. Watch below to learn more.

@Medicrea 2017-01-06

Thank you Healio for sharing our milestone of 1,000 #UNiD rod surgeries. We are so excited to continue the spread of personalized care into 2017. Read more below.

@Medicrea 2016-12-30

It s truly an exciting time for spine surgery. ODT Mag explored some of the most exciting innovations currently taking place, including personalized surgeries from #Medicrea.

@Medicrea 2016-12-21

Morgan experienced a rapid recovery and quickly returned to dance with the help of Patient-Specific #UNiD rods from Medicrea. Learn more in the video below.

@Medicrea 2016-12-16

We recently spoke to Becker s Spine Review about our approach to developing patient-specific implants. Read belowre using preoperative data and software technology to plan the correct procedure and the outcomes are better as a result of that.

@Medicrea 2016-12-09

With our #UNiD technology, we are able to provide surgeons with the proper tools to treat their patients. Learn more about patient-specific surgeries in the video below.

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Considering spinal surgery to improve your sagittal alignment, posture, and your life? With UNiD™, surgeons can now plan & order your accurately curved rod


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