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@Mass Transmit 2016-04-04

This account will close on May 3, 2016. But it s not over! Keep in touch with us by following Striata. Find out more here:

@Mass Transmit 2015-04-01

Mass Transmit is happy to announce that we have entered into an agreement to be acquired by Striata. Mass Transmit platforms and services will continue operating as part of Striata’s services.

@Mass Transmit 2015-02-04

Read Adam s articTips To Improve Your B2B Email Marketing Effectivenom the b2bTRIBE winter issue (PDF)

@Mass Transmit 2014-09-17

Subject Lines that Get Results: 10 ½ Tips Your email subject line. It’s an invitation, a front door, a salesperson, an ambassador. It’s important, to say the least. Here are 10 ½ tips to make your subject line Don Draper not Al Bundy, caviar not …

@Mass Transmit 2014-07-15

9 B2B Email Content Strategies Email marketing best practices are consistent for most any type of email communication, but those of us that do business-to-business (B2B) email marketing know that we have to take a somewhat different approach to our …

@Mass Transmit 2014-02-11

Email’s Role in Lead Generation and Lead Scoring Attracting qualified leads is an increasingly important part of business. And attracting those leads is becoming increasingly difficult. Marketers must get their message in front of the right people …

@Mass Transmit 2014-01-16

Interested in lead generation? Check out this latest guide from Marketo. Good info, and it features a few quotes from Adam Holden-Bache on the landing page and in the email section (pages 89 & 90). Requires download.

@Mass Transmit 2014-01-07

Anthony Schneider is one of the contributors to the new book Multichannel Marketing Ecosystems, published by Kogan Page. The book features 32 articles by some of the world s leading multichannel marketing practitioners and best-known marketing …

@Mass Transmit 2013-12-20

Anthony Schneider contributed a chapter, Long Tail of Branding: How Email Defines, Builds and Leverages Brands” to this new book. Stocking stuffer?

@Mass Transmit 2013-12-16

A Look Back at 2013 What a year it was. Another strong year for email and social media, a watershed year for mobile devices, online shopping and little yellow creatures called Minions. Here are some of our favorite stats and events from 2013. A …

@Mass Transmit 2013-11-14

The Nudge Effect in Email — And How to Use It Email brings brands into our sanctum sanctorum, our inbox. And even if we don’t go further than the list of emails, we see brands, products, offers. If we view the preview pane, we see logos and inviting …

@Mass Transmit 2013-10-29

Mass Transmit receives 1 Gold, 6 Silver and 3 Bronze awards at the 2013 BMA Carolinas ProAds Awards. The BMA Carolinas ProAds Awards recognizes the best in B2B marketing in North and South Carolina. The Gold Award was presented to Mass Transmit for a …

@Mass Transmit 2013-10-25

The New York Times embraces email over e-mail as s updated style guidelines

@Mass Transmit 2013-09-05

Know Your Audience: 8 Questions You Need To Ask In order to provide the most relevant marketing content, you have to understand your audience. Their likes, dislikes, pain points and challenges. Anticipating who will be reading your message is key to …

@Mass Transmit 2013-08-13

How To Make Your Emails Look Great on Retina Displays The Retina display has caused a mini-revolution among the web design industry in the last couple of years. How can we prepare our emails to display at their best on them? How To Make Your Emails …

@Mass Transmit 2013-08-06

One Second on the Internet. Mind blowing. Don t forget to go to the bottom to see emails sent...

@Mass Transmit 2013-07-30

Mobile Email From Name and Subject Line Displays [INFOGRAPHIC] Default character lengths of email From Name and Subject Line displays in popular smartphone and tablet devices With the rise in popularity of mobile devices, email marketers must adapt …

@Mass Transmit 2013-06-20

Email Newsletters: 15 Things Not To Do Your email newsletter is a consistent, vital email contact point with your core audience. It’s a brand update and newspaper, a relationship builder and new business tool. So it’s important to get it right. Here …

@Mass Transmit 2013-06-11

8 Email Marketing Mistakes That Could Cause You to Lose Business Watch Out: Dangerous Email Walk away from the light! Don’t make mistakes that could kill your business. Okay, okay, maybe that’s a bit too dramatic. But really, far too many people are …

@Mass Transmit 2013-06-11

Tactics and Strategies for BtoB Email Marketing Segmentation Delivering the right message at the right time to the right audience has always been at the core of email marketing success. According to a recent BtoB Magazine survey, marketers see …

@Mass Transmit 2013-06-11

10 Shades of Segmentation — Better Email Targeting The goal of email marketing is relevance and action. Recipients want emails that speak directly and are interesting to them, while marketers want emails that get results. The first and most …

@Mass Transmit 2013-06-11

Mass Transmit has released a new whitepaper that will provide insurance industry marketers with valuable insight on how to use email for prospect marketing. The free whitepaper, How Insurance Marketers Can Leverage Email for Prospect Marketing, will …

@Mass Transmit 2013-06-11

Email is the cornerstone of online business, so there’s pressure to make your messages irresistible to your readers. How do you make sure your emails are opened? How do you make sure people read beyond the first few words? Here are some tips to help …

@Mass Transmit 2013-05-06

How has LinkedIn helped you or your business? Has it changed the way you work?

@Mass Transmit 2013-05-02

Restoring the first website: The First URL is active once more.

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